Our Father God has bestowed an unfathomable quality of love upon us by calling us and considering us SONS (1 John 3: 1,2). We are not recognized by the world as God’s SONS because the world does not know God. We are truly, right now, the SONS of God!!! It is not clear what we will be like when Jesus comes, but we are sure, that when He comes, WE WILL BE LIKE HIM, because we will see Him in all that He really is. This hope causes us to purify our souls, to become more like Jesus, in all His purity.

Yes Father, I agree with what you say about me. Who I am, what I am, and what I can do – IN YOU! So be it.

God, the creator was not recognized or accepted by the world when He came to the earth in the person of Jesus Christ, not even by His own people, Israel (John 1: 11,12). But to those who did receive Him, those who believed, He gave the precious privilege to become HIS OWN SONS!!! This new life, this new birth, was not due to any will, ability or act of man, but due to the will and life of God. We are recipients of the precious gift of SONSHIP by His will.

If you can hear this message then you are part of what the Father has for you in this end generation.