For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy

Peace be with you. Just to update you on our recent work. I gave Sonship books to 6 pastor and apostles at a wedding ceremony in Accra. Two weeks later, one Apostle Opare called me in the morning weeping, and confessing that he has now known who he is, that he has made the Christians under him to suffer too much. He said for one month he will teach from the Sonship book alone, in all the branches of his ministry. After that he will organize so that I come to speak to them in Seminars. Secondly, the taxi driver in our local gathering has a son who had been possessed by spirit of death, the parents doubted his survival , because he slept and couldn’t get up, the parents didn’t see life in him. When they woke him up after several efforts, he told them strange dreams and stories. I recommended that the parents read the Sonship book to him and made him repeat the words twice daily, when they obeyed, the boy is now delivered from the demon and is made whole. The parents, especially, the Mommy has become witness of the reality of the power of the Sonship book.

The translation of the Sonship book in Hungarian language was a divine arrangement of the Lord, as He worked something good and powerful with the person that translated it.
The translator is a 65 year old sister that lives by herself in a village in NW Romania.
This last New Years she had a stroke and was admitted into the hospital. After she got home from the hospital, she started to read the Sonship book (in Romanian) and the Living Word started to work in her total healing.
Being so much in love with the Lord she wanted to know if the book had been translated in the Hungarian language. When she found out that it is not, she offered to do the translation herself.
She went beyond her natural abilities to do this work. She never touched a computer in her life. But she obviously needed one now, so she insisted with her son to get her a used laptop. The son explained to her how to turn the laptop on and where the Word program was. She completed the translation and we have send it to be printed.
The Lord showed His goodness through all this.
Praise Him

I was on a vacation from College in Thailand and this crazy fear came on me that something was going to happen. While standing on the deck while looking at the ocean, My hands becan to cramp and close up. I could’t get them to stay open and I began to shake. I was reminded by the Holy Spirit of my authority as a Son as began to speak to it to leave me. Within minutes of speaking, commanding it to leave my body, I was completely whole and calm.
It was so gripping that at first I froze and then began remembering
some of the teaching at Celebration City.
We truly have the authority of our Lord because it is He that is alive in us.

Tim Shkarovskiy

Tks, tks n tks for your prayers.

What a service we had today. Jesus defeated the powers of satan in a great way.

During P&W Sunita started manifesting. After a bit of a struggle she was liberated n the evil spirit who was living in her body for 30 years eventually submitted to the power of Jesus n left her. Last Sunday had prayed for two of her sons and God healed them. One had urinal problems for a very very long time and the other around 12 yrs old was set free from addiction to gutka.

After that Sumaru between 25-30 yrs started manifesting. The evil spirit in him which i feel was of his Baba Father who died Teo month ago became very boisterous and was wrestling with me for over an hour. He was very aggressive abusive n defiant and was not only refusing to leave him but very stubbornly was refusing to take the Name Of Jesus. I was equally adamant n challenged him. I told him he will have to submit n bow down to Jesus n unless he does that i will not let him go. ALL GLORY TO JESUS he had to give in and with anger and defeat he acknowledged Jesus and was set free.

For me it was not easy as i had to handle these cases physically alone {my hands are aching} but the power authority and presence of Jesus and the Holy Spirit within me not only gave me courage n determination but victory also. Hallelujah


I sincerely request your regular/continual prayers for me and the flock that God has put under my care. Most of the people who come are demon possessed and need deliverance. In my own strength i cannot do it but Praise God I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH HIM WHO GIVES ME THE STRENGTH FOR JESUS THE ONE WHO LIVES IN ME IS GREATER. HALLELUJAH.

As I am spending my daily Chai time with Jesus today, sitting on the sofa looking at greens outside and Jesus sitting next to me.. He is explaining and making me understand about aspects of speaking in tongues i didn’t know before (how tongues is a consuming fire)..

I said to him, i wish i had a recorder on the inside of me to record all the amazing things you are telling me.. and immediately with a bashful smile Jesus says, “of course I say amazing things.. ‘Amazing’ is my middle name” winking at me at which both of us laugh!
He then said, come with me.. and we went together hand in hand to the river of life – more like an ocean! (yes its an actual place in heaven!), we swam in the river and came out drenched..

As we stood on the shore I asked Him will you take me to Father God, I want to see Him and He gently smiling said, I am Father and as I looked at His chest, His heart.. His appearance changed in a flash and it was Father God’s hand I was holding and I could see Jesus and Father God at the same time together and individually in front of me..

Tears burst into my eyes as I saw Him – Father God is so full and overflowing with love that its hard for me not to cry! and Jesus is so jovial, so friendly, so cheerful! (He’s the love of my life!) and both are one – there is no difference – they are one!, they are inseparable! and they love me/us..
By the way.. we were in Psalm 23 which is a real place in heaven, (the river referred there is the river of life).. so we walked hand in hand in the green pastures and He reminded me of yet something that He had told me earlier expounding more.. He also expounded to me what’s my personal ministry… He asked me share this experience with the church/body…

When He said that, I got a bit nervous.. I told Him that this is my pearl and didn’t really want to share, you see people had and do sometimes still trample upon my pearls though not consciously i believe when I share so am a bit cautious..
to which He said, I want others to know what they can have too..I want to refresh them, love them…

I was sitting on my couch watching the Nascar races with my daughter and grandchildren. My daughter said ” Where is that smoke coming from”. she called for her husband who quickly walked in saying ” I don’t smell any smoke”.
He looked at me and said ” Mom it is coming out of yur mouth.
The appearance of smoke was coming out of my mouth and left a residue of white powder all over me.
The Lord blessed me with this miracle sign right in front of my adult children.
Romans says ” if the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in you He will quicken your mortal body”
I have been a part of the Celebration City Gathering for over 25 years , though I dont go to the building often.
The only thing i have a little problem in my body is a little high blood pressure.
Praise Jesus for His precious promises

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
We greet you all in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. ” Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession”. Psalm 2:8. ” Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it”. Proverbs 22:6

We are glad to write this message and praise the name of the Lord. The Lord is good all the time. God is good.

We do have quiet time in the Morning, Noon and Evening. The devotion quiet time is meaningful for our foster kids, orphans, abandoned kids, poorest of poor children which is knowing Him personally and physically and educationally and Spiritually growth. We teach them about the Word of God and the Living Word.

We are so much appreciated your continue prayers , and helps and love concerns. Let us do the beautiful things for orphanage ministry. The little children will get the kingdom of God. Together we can make great impact and different and for the glory of God.

Among our orphan kids the three children are doing very well in their educational learning. They got a highest mark in their classes. All the orphans are doing well, also.

We continue doing the following ministries:
Praise Reports:
1) Regular church services and Sunday School ministry for the children
2) Bible reading and Inductive Bible study
3) Orphans care & children ministry
4) Discipleship Training Ministry
5) Cottage home to homes visiting
6) Devotion prayer meeting
7) Outreach evangelism
8) Fellowship with people

Prayer Requests:
1) To receive the knowledge and wisdom from God
2) The orphan kid’s health and strength
3) To grow in Christian faith and to know more God
4) Accelerating the spread of gospel in Myanmar
5) To lead people to Christ and Christ to people
6) To buy land for orphanage Home and build building
7) To care children more than 35 children and register our orphanage ministry
8) To make disciples of all the nations !!!

Praise and glorify the Name of our God for His protection and provision. We are so much appreciated for your prayer , help and support. ” The LORD bless thee, and keep thee: The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace”. Numbers 24:24-26.

Your’s in uplifting orphanage children together for His glory,


Our recent exercise in unity has been a huge success! Reports from around the world came in with testimonies of extreme increases in areas of power, gifts of the spirit, intimacy with the Lord, personal covenant blessings, salvation and most of all the revelations of oneness in our relationship with Jesus and the Kingdom the Father delights in giving to us.

This exercise has really enlarged the reality of the Kingdom of God residing in our souls. Thus bringing us into greater maturity of growing up into the fullness of the measure of the Christ. As this is manifested in us, it is also being imparted into the rest of the Body of Christ in the world.
At the end of the designated 10 day period we gathered together and had a time of communion. Acting as Priests, we brought forth a tithe of the increase of the life that had be imparted to our souls and the we worshiped the Father.

The Holy Spirit did indeed make manifest the Resurrection Life of Jesus in our mortal bodies. Some who were dedicated in fasting, report such changes in their bodies that they felt as though they had gone back in time to youthful years.

One fact for sure, the Lord is not through with us yet and we can look forward to continual increases. The exercise of being one mind and one accord we have worked with this year are as follows; Testing the Spirits ” Has Jesus Christ come in the flesh?’ Resisting the Devil ” The Lord rebuke you Satan ” Growing in measure ” Thy Kingdom come ” .

These exercises has given the Lord opportunity to build oneness in us like no other time in history except at the birthing of the Body in Jerusalem some 2000 years ago. I believe that we truly are the last generation and He is quickly manifesting Himself to us more that we can ask or think. “Unto the one who has, more shall be given”

My journey in Jesus began over 10 yrs ago as a teenager from a Hindu background when my boyfriend (my husband now 🙂 ) introduced me to Christ, to say the least i experienced an amazing tangible freedom in my soul immediately. Unfortunately it didn’t last long – reason being, i found myself in ‘church religion’ instead of a living relationship and slowly but steadily the fire within started getting quenched. But am so glad that God never lets us go! Deep down, i knew there simply had to be more! God led me to rediscover His grace and pretty soon i came across ‘Sonship’ through your ministry and my relationship with God got revolutionized and energized to a level that i had not thought possible; the love of God and the scriptures have come alive NOW more than ever before… the seed has been quickened in me is all I can say 😉 And for the very first time, the tender love of our Father and the unity that i have with Jesus is not mere ‘head-knowledge’ but has become a revelation in my heart. My life has been impacted ‘for eternity’… This vision that i experienced is very precious to me, I will attempt to describe it but it still wouldn’t do justice to what i experienced… During your seminar on ‘Sonship’ as you were speaking, I saw myself in the throne room facing a limitless multitude of people (all clad in white garments worshiping the Father). I looked to my left and I saw Father God looking at me, I paused to look at Him because He was looking at me with such tenderness and I started experiencing the tangible tenderness of His love flowing towards me, all over me like soft and sweet honey 🙂 I felt such love that I couldn’t understand, I thought wait a minute, is He looking at me! and then as I looked at my hands, I discovered that I was within Jesus Himself and that the Father was looking at Jesus and that He was looking at me cocooned within… And I understood and experienced my Oneness with Jesus! I was seated with Jesus at God’s right hand… And to think i haven’t even finished the ‘Reality of Sonship’ book before experiencing this next. level of glory… Am so excited and eagerly anticipating more revelation & experience of Him as i study n meditate on all the Sonship material… I truly feel so blessed, privileged, grateful and thankful to our Father God for sending you to India to minister Sonship.. Thanks Michael 🙂 Love, Karishma 🙂

Sonship is the revelation that my identity is not in what I’m into or what I drive, or where I work, or what people say about me or even what they think, or sometimes what I think. Its is the revelation that my identity is found in Christ and what God has said, and is saying, and will say about me. That i am made complete in him and I am truly fulfilled and found in him.

Michael Shattuck