All Sunday & Friday services are broadcast live internationally.

Sunday Morning Service

This service is the Gathering for the whole family with a dynamic children ministry and the Love and Power of God given to all. Everyone will experience an ever increasing Life of Jesus, answering all of life’s difficult questions with a view to the fullness of our salvation in Christ Jesus. Come and enjoy with us the music teams that help us all to enter into the Praise and Worship to our Heavenly Father.

Service Time: 10 AM – NOON

Sunday Cetatea Sarbatorilor

Cetatea Sarbatorilor este o expresie a unitatii lui Hristos cu Trupul Lui cel viu intr-o intelegere noua si profunda a relatiei noastre cu Tatal ca fii de Dumnezeu. Un numar continuu crescand de fii de pe intreg pamantul vizioneaza emisiunile si primesc descoperirile vii prin care cresc impreuna spre Capul Trupului, Hristos. Cantarile au o inspiratie proaspata si proclama unitatea noastra cu ceilalti fii si cu Domnul Hristos.

Service Time: 1 PM – 3 PM

Friday The Gate

This Gathering is drawing together all the sons of God from around the city to rejoice in the House of the Lord; is bringing friends and families that the Lord is delivering from the spirit of religion. We have awesome music teams fully equipped to manifest the Power of the Son of God in destroying all the works of the devil bringing many sons into glory.

Service Time: 8 PM – 10 PM



6828 SE Holgate Blvd, Portland OR 97206